The Fieldbrook Reserve - Birds of a Feather
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Alcids Anhingas Anhingas Bananaquits
Blackbirds Bluebirds Boobies Buntings
Cardinals Catbirds Chickadees Chickens
Coots Cormorants Cranes Crows
Cuckoos Doves Ducks Eagles
Egrets Falcons Finches Flycatchers
Frigatebirds Gallinules Geese Gnatcatchers
Grackles Grebes Grosbeaks Gulls
Hawks Herons Hummingbirds Ibises
Jays Kingfishers Kinglets Kites
Larks Limpkins Loons Macaws
Mockingbirds Nuthatches Orioles Ospreys
Owls Oystercatchers Parakeets Peacocks
Pelicans Plovers Rails Ravens
Sandpipers Shrikes Sparrows Starlings
Stilts Storks Swallows Swans
Tanagers Tanagers Thrashers Thrushes
Titmice Toucans Turkeys Vireos
Vultures Warblers Waxwings Woodpeckers
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