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Brad DinermanAlthough Brad Dinerman has always enjoyed photography - on vacations, weekend getaways and business trips - it took his son Ari's interest in bird watching to prompt him to keep a camera "at the ready."  For this rediscovered interest, he setup this site, The Fieldbrook Reserve, as a medium to display his photos which others will hopefully enjoy.
Brad is the founder and president of Fieldbrook Solutions LLC, an IT, MIS and security consulting organization based in eastern Massachusetts.  Since rekindling his interest in photography, his productivity at Fieldbrook Solutions has steadily declined, as he now has to jump out of his desk chair every time a bird lands at the feeder or a hummingbird flits at the nectar tray on his office window!
Brad is a published author, a frequent contributor to various online communities and gives user group and conference presentations on topics ranging from spam and security solutions to Internet development techniques. He also published numerous articles in international physics journals in his earlier, scientific career, after having earned a Ph.D. in physics from Boston College so that he could calculate how long it would take him to launch his frozen computer across the local highway.
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 Brookline Bird Club
 Mass Audubon Society
 National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association
 Wildlife Rehabilitators' Association of Massachusetts
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